I am scattered all over the web. This is where much of it gets pulled together -- the integral me.

I am not the only Bob Boynton on the web. One other was a friend, a scholar who taught political science at American University, but who is no longer living. As for the rest -- all Boyntons are related if you push the line back far enough, but I do not know them.

The materials brought together on this page are materials I am proud of; both the scholarly and the not-scholarly. But there are bits and pieces that do not have a nice web presence. Here are a few.

Mathematical thinking about politics; an introduction to discrete time systems, Longman, 1980
The art of campaign advertising, Chatham House Publishers, 1996
Video Rhetorics: televised advertising in American politics, with John Nelson, University of Illinois Press, 1997

University of Iowa Professor Earns 1997 Innovators in Higher Education Grand Prize
REDMOND, Wash., Aug. 26, 1997 — In September 1998, all new students at the University of Iowa in Iowa City will get a personal campus tour from political science professor Bob Boynton. Boynton won't actually meet all 3,000-plus new students. His "virtual" self will drive an animated bus, lead them to online answers to their questions and help them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings and with the university's electronic community. Boynton's virtual CD-ROM tour, Online at Iowa, earned him the grand prize in Microsoft Corp.'s 1997 Innovators in Higher Education Challenge.

The President's Instructional Technology Innovation Award, 2006
Professor Boynton used Web 2.0 technology in courses that revolved around two large data collections — a database of 80,000 pages of the Calendar of Patent Rolls, and 1200+ photographs downloaded from global news websites. The students used Del.icio.us to tag sites of mutual interest and they used Wikis as a tool to easily create web pages and as a collaborative writing tool.

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