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The website is about the Boyntons of Yorkshire from the first one we know about, who is Walter, to Matthew and the British civil war. Lineage is the starting point; in this history we are all named Boynton. But we wanted to learn as much as we could about who the Boyntons of the period were and how they lived. This has led us to search for what they ate, what their houses were like, where they lived, how far they were willing to go to celebrate a holiday, and many other searches. We share what we have learned in a series of short stories and many pictures we have taken of Boynton places.

We should introduce ourselves. We are the Boyntons of no one place. If you click on our pictures we will tell you about ourselves and how we got from Massachusetts in 1638 to our several places.

There are two other things we should share at this point. One is the places we have looked and found Boyntons of Yorkshire [bibliography]. It is a substantial list and in many items there are only passing references to one or another Boynton. It, like the website, keeps on growing as we find additional places to look.

Second, we have a library of works to share. It is a collection of rare publications and translations of document that are about Boyntons -- in latin.