Richard Radcliffe Family

PEDIGREE of RADCLYFFE, of Dilston and Derwentwater, Lords of Hawthorne, co. Pal. according to Robert Surtees

Father: Sir Thomas Radclyffe of Derwentwater, Knt. named as a devisee in the Will of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, 1485, then living on the Isle of Derwentwater; suffered a recovery of his estates in Michaelmas Term a0 20 Edw. IV.; died 25 November 11 Henry VII.

Mother: Margaret, daughter of Sir William Par, Knt. Baron of Kendale in Westmorland, & aunt of Queen Katharine, wife of Henry VIII.

Sir Richard Radclyffe, of Sadbury, co. York, knt. and K.G. on whom and heirs male of his body the Derwentwater estates were settled at 21 Ed. IV. He was "made a Knight-banneret by my Lord of Glocester in Hutton-field, Scotland, 1482," and Knight of the Body to Rich. III. by grant from that Prince, dat. 10 Aug a0 20, High Sheriff of Westmorland for life, and was slain with him 22 Aug. 1485, at Bosworth Field.

Agnes [wife] dau. of Henry Lord Scrope of Bolton, and wid. of Christopher Boynton of Sadbury, co. York, esq. living a widow 28th Aug. 1498.

Son: Richard Radclyffe, of Derwentwater, esq. son and heir, obtained by Act of Parl. 14 Oct. 11 Henry VII, the restoration of the Derwentwater estates, together with the reversal of his father's attainder, & was living 5 Sept. 22 Hen. VIII, aged 40 yrs. & upw.

Daughter: Isabella Radclyffe, married to Roger Lumley, esq. 2d son of Sir George Lumley, knt.

Robert Surtees (1816) The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham, vol. I, London, p. 32